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Career coach Onno Vendel

Career guidance, career advice, coaching, study choices, career choices, vocational rehabilitation, job application training, career orientation, family constellations and organisational constellations in Bloemendaal, Haarlemmerliede and Haarlem.

Experience & work

Director of Agathon since 1997, co-founder of StandUpJazz & Visuals, chairman of Stichting MuzieKunst, KOH Supervisory Board member, EIA Master Practioner, NOBCO certified coach, teacher at Zaanlands Lyceum.

Educational history

Master´s Degree in Social Geography; Post-Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences ; Post-Academic study in coaching, supervision and organisational science; Post-Academic training in psychodiagnostics, career guidance and career advice; Focussing training; Professional Support (systemic working) training.

Main talents according to clients

Truly enjoys seeing people set out on their own paths, driven by inner authenticity. Who develop courage through self-understanding. Who creating space for the achievement of personal goals, who smell opportunities or seek ways to create them – and through them increase their human capital. And, equally important: who in doing so invest deeply in themselves and contribute to society in troubled times.

Personal motto

A skilled sailor can best any wind!

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